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Presale Form - Tickets, Accomodation and T-Shirts

Welcome to our Pre-Sale for MountainBytes (19.-21.02.2021 in Cham, ZG)!
Here you will be able to buy your tickets, book hotel accomodation as well as t-shirts in just one go! Select everything you would like to book, and we are going to send you the invoice for the advance payment with all details you need... and sort out the rest for you!

Important Refund-Note:

Due to the SARS-COV-2 pandemic we promise to refund your ticket if the request reaches us latest on Friday, February 19th 2021. If you require a refund to your ticket, please get in touch with us Hotel cancellation policies are indicated on our Accommodations page. Any cost associated with a no-show without cancellation will be conveyed to you and deducted from any repayment. T-Shirt orders cannot be refunded after the order deadline, and we may have to charge for shipping cost.

Basic Information

As you can imagine, we are required to take more information from you than usual. Please make sure all your information is accurate and complete - this is mandatory to grant access to the venue. We will validate your phone number via SMS about two weeks before the event, asking you to send a response back. All data will be deleted after completing the minimum retention period mandated by the Zug Health Authorities.


More than ever, everyone attempting to organize an event has to heavily rely on presale. We will limit the pre-sale to 100 tickets and then release more as we gauge our safety measures against visitor numbers, so your early order would be very much appreciated.

If you order a ticket with an Echtzeit-membership option, we will send you our statutes along with the invoice. Your membership includes the free admission to MountainBytes 2021

Subtotal Tickets: CHF ${ticketSub}

Cowee Bonds!

Of course sponsorship and funds are difficult to come by in a time when events are viewed with a cautious eye. If you can’t make it to us or would like to up your entrance fee to help us with the sponsorship gap, you can order as many Cowee Bonds as you find appropriate to support the event. Of course all revenue from this will go 100% into the direct cost of this event, in the unlikely case of a balance surplus we will save the money for MountainBytes 2022 and inform you about it. If the party cannot take place, we will refund them to you. Per order (not per Cowee-Bond!) you will receive a remote-votekey, if you cannot be with us during the party.

Subtotal Cowee Bonds: CHF ${bondsSub}

T-Shirts - Pre-Order Only!

The order deadline for party shirts is January 10th, 2021. Unless we have to cancel the event last-minute, you will receive the Shirt on-site

Subtotal T-Shirts: CHF ${shirtSub}


In the light of the pandemic, we cannot host a sleeping area as we originally planned. However we were able to secure some pretty sweet hotel deals in the area and you can order them here just along with your MountainBytes ticket! For the SwissEver-hotel’s special price of only 126 CHF/night, the Promo-Code can be redeemed via this form and then used on their website for the actual reservation. Youth Hostel four- and six-bed rooms: At the moment, we can only recommend this option if you are travelling as a group of four or six, or as a family. In case of very low demand until November, we will work early-on and look at alternatives together with you. If you would like to book for a group, select the room type, enter nights x occupants in the quantity field and list all names in the free text field.

Subtotal Hotel: CHF ${hotelSub}

Total: CHF ${total}

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